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About: London Man Van

    We operate a formidable fleet of vans for London removals work. Our services cover everything related to a moving job, be it a commercial project or house removals work. We value the commitment to deliver a high-quality job experience at all costs. Our services are punctual, and we remain always accountable for the safety of your belongings.

   The London man van fleet is great in keeping up with the pace of fast removals work. We are deft workers, and function like absolute clockwork to get the work done smoothly.

   We always prioritise clients’ interests above everything else. Our experience teaches us that the circumstances of shifting houses may not always be a pleasant one. For example, offices may shift places because they are downsizing. The same goes for homeowners who have to change houses because of a financial crunch. At times, family disputes are involved behind home shifting requirements. Again, urgent eviction notices from landowners and banks can also result in people losing their houses overnight.

   We have trained our men to empathise with the situation at hand, and focus on doing the job well only. This emphasis has earned our man and van service a solid reputation for delivering a no-disruption service.

Same-day services are available

    We offer same-day removals work on urgent requests. However, the job is subject to availability. A lot of office owners want us to book for the weekends. As a result, our weekends are often packed tight on schedule. As long as it is possible, we will look after getting your job done on a same-day basis. As for the quote, we encourage clients to describe the job requirement clearly over the phone.

     If you are sending an email, consider sending images of your property. This helps us assess the situation and offer a tentative quote to start with, over the phone or email. If you agree to it, we roll out our fleet of London man van to your location. Once there, we will provide you with an actual quote based on a first-hand assessment. We will rapidly get to work and clear out the location. Despite the rush, everything will be done systematically and with complete accountability.

Our business mission

    Our business mission is to make sure clients have a completely stress-free experience. We achieve this by strictly following a motto of flawless professionalism. You won’t be able to find a fault in any part of our services. Our job typically starts with packing after you have agreed to the given quote. We are highly efficient packers who take special caution not to damage any fragile items during packing. Adequate fillers are provided between all small items so that they remain in place in the boxes.

    Then, our London man van team skillfully arranges all the items in the vans. Our vans are spacious, and we make every attempt to accommodate all of your items in a single trip, as long as it is practically feasible. Highly efficient drivers will drive your belongings to the destination. In addition, one of our men will be present there in the cargo hold to see that none of the items tumbles over during transit.

Our business vision

  Our business vision is to see that we become the London service that everyone gladly recommends to their friends and colleagues. We want to see our London man van as leaders in this niche. To this end, we are always working to make sure that clients get the best deals with us. We are fully accountable and transparent in our financial transactions. We never overcharge, and you will receive receipts for every phase of the job.

   We also handle international relocation jobs. These jobs typically entail a greater sense of responsibility. This is because we have to arrange for air freight, ship cargo, and railroad travel. Besides, the usual task of getting your goods to the ports or to the rail station is always there.

    Licenses and permits need arranging when you are crossing international borders. Being a member of the British Association of Removers (BAR), none of these tasks is difficult for us. If need be, we can also arrange for temporary storage facilities, both in London and in a foreign country. Let us know of your requirements, and we will take it forward.