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Office furniture relocation services London

    Are you moving to a new workspace in the near future? Do you have plans for relocating the essentials on your own? Trust us, you need professional help if you do not want to land yourself in a mess or loss valuable production hours of your business. As the best office removal company London, we will take care of the relocation task from start to finish.

    We have a well-maintained and advanced infrastructure for executing every task with thorough professionalism. Besides, our trained and certified men work hard to achieve complete customer satisfaction. So, give us a call to hire our office movers London. You can also drop an email for service-related correspondence.

Customer Satisfaction is Main Motto of Our Office Moving Company London

   Once you hire us, we will take care of your essentials properly as we are well aware of the challenges to be faced in short and long-distance relocations. We will listen to your requirements and guide you accordingly. Besides, we will assign a coordinator for you who will ensure you get all the necessary assistance.

   Years of experience as a relocation company has taught us how important customisation is for properly executing any relocation service. Further, to make customised strategies, we will need to conduct surveys of your office space and items to be moved. Thus, we will know about the preparations we need to make so that no hindrance occurs on the day of the relocation. At the same time, we need to customise the relocation plans/strategies through proper surveys.

   We can go for physical surveys or virtual surveys based on your requirements. For virtual surveys, you can connect with us through video calls. Else, you can mail us videos or photographs.

Our Office Moving Services are Affordable

   We have already mentioned that we believe in customisation when it comes to relocation services. Once we are done with the surveys, we will share a customised quotation with you. Our relocation costs are based on the work we need to do and what the hidden challenges are.

    Transparency and proper communication are two of the most important core values of our company. So, we will not add any hidden fees to our charges. At the same time, in some cases, unprecedented changes in the plan can impact the pre-determined cost. The coordinator assigned by us will keep you informed in such cases.

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Our Commercial Relocation London Services

   We know the difference between house relocation and office relocation services. Be it office furniture relocation services London, or full-fledged office relocation services, we divide our work into several stages. The first stage, of course, is packing and labelling your essentials. Then, the next part is transporting the shipment to your new office.

   You do not have to worry if you are moving to a smaller or bigger workspace. You just need to inform us beforehand so that we can make the relocation plan according to the floor plan of your office space. Further, the size and type of your business do not matter to us as we can handle small domestic relocations and international relocations with equal expertise. We have the network and infrastructure for cross-country relocations.

Packing Your Essentials

   We use the best quality packing materials, including cartons, cardboard boxes, foam sheets, paper balls, bubble wraps, etc., for protecting your essentials. Also, you may have sensitive IT essentials and fragile items in your office. Do not worry, as we will use customised casings and additional paddings for them.

   During packing, we label each cardboard box/carton properly so that you do not have a hard time finding your essentials. Also, we will make a share a master list with you. You can refer to this master list and check whether all your essentials have been reached safely or not. We make the best efforts for ensuring zero damage to your essentials. However, you do not have to worry if any unprecedented reason has caused the loss or damage of your essentials. Our service charges cover insurance costs.

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   We have the best vans of varying capacities for the transportation of your essentials. Also, we hire trained drivers after a proper background check. Besides, our vans have safety blankets, soft mattresses and fastening belts for the safest relocation of your essentials. Furthermore, our vans with GPS will allow you to track the progress of your shipment in transit.

    In a nutshell, we assure you of complete peace of mind and professional execution of the task at hand.