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Man Van Removals House Moving Service London

    We are an expert house removals London service. The scope of our work covers all aspects of clearing out a house, from packing your belongings to safely driving them to your new home. Our objective is to ensure that homeowners have a completely stress-free experience relocating. To this end, we make sure everything is done perfectly by the book.

    Over the years of our experience, we have learned that accountability and reliability are the greatest assets of a movers service. Put simply, we want to deliver such a perfect job experience that you would gladly recommend our services to others. We want to set the highest standards of job experience, and to that end, we would do everything possible. Same-day services are also provided, but subject to availability on that given day.

Local moving jobs

    Our drivers are extremely familiar with London roads and traffic. Only the best hands are put behind the wheels. Our men are selected after a careful screening process. We always make sure that all our staff members are fully sincere and committed to delivering the perfect removals experience. We are always careful when packing and hauling items. Sufficient care is taken while packing small and fragile items into boxes. We always make it a point to stock our vans with surplus packing materials so that we never run out of them.

    We are also extra careful while displacing big furniture items. We understand that these things also have a lot of emotional value besides being costly. Even a single scratch on them is unacceptable. We always make sure that just enough people are assigned to displacing the big items. Our team is particularly attentive when moving up and down the stairs. Such meticulous attention to detail makes us one of the leading furniture removal London services.

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Moving Outside London

    We handle moving jobs from London to any location in the UK. Our drivers keep track of traffic updates in real-time over GPS so that they can take the shortest and best routes. For example, you want us to drive from London to Cambridge. Usually, the M11 motorway does not take more than one hour to cross the distance. However, traffic can remain sluggish during peak hours on this busy route. The longer we take, the more it is going to cost the client. So, we would consult the traffic maps via GPS, and set the time of transit when the pressure of traffic is less. We also undertake long hauls whenever necessary. This approach also helps us to keep the cost of moving house London to a minimum. As an affordable home removals London service, we also take several other measures to keep costs to a minimum.

    For example, we will try to accommodate most of your belongings in the first trip itself, if not all of them. Fewer trips would mean you have to pay less. However, in our bid to reduce the costs, we never compromise with the quality of the job done. None of the goods will be crammed unsafely over one another.

International moving jobs

    We also handle the responsibility of international moving jobs out of London. Our efficiency covers moving jobs to any place in the world. We are a member agency of the BAR (British Association of Removers). The BAR membership allows us access to a global network of similar organisations. It also simplifies the process of obtaining necessary permits and licenses, which would be necessary whenever the crossing of borders is involved.

    We will arrange everything from air freight to ship cargo freight and railroad bookings. Moreover, if you need us to arrange temporary storage options in a foreign location, we can do that too. Such a high level of efficiency makes us one of the leading house in central london removals.

Same-day services are available

   We also offer same-day house removals services. The circumstances of same-day removal are always urgent. Sometimes, homeowners desperately call us because the plumbing lines have burst, and the whole house is in a mess. Similarly, there might be an electrical fire incident, and you want us to provide you with a temporary storage facility.

    Again, same-day removal may become a necessity when the bank has finally served a foreclosure notice. Also, the landlord may serve an urgent eviction notice, and tenants have no other choice to move out. Since situations are not always present, we simply focus on doing the job professionally with minimum disruption. This attitude to the job makes us the best house moving service London.